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Even the best well pumps will eventually need to be replaced. There are things that you can do to extent the life, like well maintenance, but at some point every water well pumping system will require replacement.

At C.E. Layman & Sone Well Drilling, we offer Michigan’s preferred well replacement services. With over thirty years of replacing pumps under our belt, you can be sure that you’re going to get the best prices and service in Oakland County and Metro Detroit.

Here are some of the most common reason for needing a new well pump

Electrical Failure

Over time the electrical components of a pump can become more and begin to fail. This can cause the pump to be weak on not work at all. These same components can also become damaged by an electrical short or surge.


Depending on what type of pump you have and who installed your pump, corrosion can eat away at your pump. if not treated over time, eventually your pump will quit working.

Over Useage

After many years a water well pump will have to be replaced. However, you may have to replace your pump more frequently if the pump is getting overused. This happens because there is something wrong with the overall set-up of the well. An example is a leaking tank, running toilets, and bad plumbing.